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BMW Z3 and Z4

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BMW Z3 and Z4 the complete story


BMW, that most performance-oriented of car companies, had no affordable sports roadster in its line-up before 1995. Stung into action by Mazda's revival of the classic two-seater roadster, the Germany company quickly staked its claim with the Z3, a classic long-nose, short-tail design that used existing BMW mechanical hardware to good effect. This new book tells the story of BMW's Z3 and Z4 two-seater roadsters and coupes, which since 1995 have been at the forefront of the affordable sports car market.


Historical background to BMW's arrival in the two-seater sports car market

Complete history the Z3 and both generations of Z4

Full specifications of all models

The formidable M Power derivatives

Guide to buying and owning

Profusely illustrated with over 200 photographs and diagrams


English, hardcover, 192 pages, 2017, James Taylor.

ISBN 9781785002762.


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