Bristol 403


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Bristol 403.

First introduced in 1953, the Bristol 403 made an instant impact. With its smooth aerodynamic shape, it became a design icon of British motor manufacturing. In this book, Bristol 403 owner John Manley explains the background to the development of the Bristol 403, including the history of the famous Bristol Aircraft Company and its decision to enter car production. Not only was the Bristol 403 produced to aircraft standards, but it also benefited from aeronautical windflow design. This expertise resulted in what were called the aerodyne models, of which the 403 was the leading exponent. The Bristol engine, coupled with unique aerodynamics and excellent build quality, also made the Bristol aerodynes effective contenders in motor sport, the cars participating with considerable success in the Monte Carlo Rally, the Tulip Rally and the Daily Express Production Touring Car Championships at Silverstone, among others. The author also includes valuable insights on owning and driving a Bristol 403 model.

Including exclusive illustrations of the Bristol 403, this book is an essential concise guide to one of the most significant British cars of the 1950s.

Engels, paperback, 2024, 96 pagina’s, John Manley, Amberley Books.

ISBN 9781398116702.

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