ASA L’epopea dell Ferrarina

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ASA L’epopea dell Ferrarina.

Known among enthusiasts as the “Ferrarina” or little Ferrari, because its chassis and mechanics were actually produced by Ferrari, the ASA 1000 was the top model of a small Milan manufacturer, whose story has never been recounted until now. The short but intense life of ASA began with its establishment in 1962 and is told through the few models it produced (including the coupé and roadster bodied by Bertone, the GTC version and the 1965 411, which appeared two years before the company went out of business), with documents, testimonies of the period’s protagonists as well as rare and unpublished illustrations.

gebruikt boek in zeer goede en nette staat, inkijk exemplaar.

Italiaans, hardcover, 2004, 204 pagina’s, 280 illustraties, Franco Varisco. Giorgio Nada editore.

ISBN 8879113348.

EAN 9788879113342.


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