The Encyclopaedia of Italian Coachbuilders

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The Encyclopaedia of Italian Coachbuilders – Enciclopedia dei Carrozzieri Italiani.

The Italian coachbuilding industry is something unique in the world. Amazing cars, incredible creativity and construction mastery that are impossible to find elsewhere, combined with an unbelievable number of people and companies that have been working for more than a century.
This book, the result of a detailed and huge research lasted many years, covers for the first time with the due historiographic method all the protagonists of this very interesting story. In fact, behind the most famous names, there are hundreds of other companies, workshops, craftsmen, designers that allowed such a big network to develop. The author and his team have been able to list little less than one thousand different entities, the wide part of which was totally forgotten and is re-discovered for the first time after decades.
The book is also introduced by a foreword written by the renowned designer Leonardo Fioravanti and a text by Umberto Eco.
The book is made by 2 large size volumes in slipcase, enriched by more than 3000-period pictures and is the ultimate reference, essential for car styling enthusiasts and automotive historians.
The manufacturing quality is as high as the contents, with a fine printing on heavy matt coated paper and a luxury hardcover in metallic paper.

Engels, hardcover met slipcase, 2017, Alessandro Sannia. Societa’ Editrice Il Cammello.

ISBN 9788896796436.

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