Lamborghini Diablo The Complete Story (AutoClassic)


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Lamborghini Diablo The Complete Story. (AutoClassic)

This book examines the Diablo in detail, starting with Ferruccio Lamborghini’s objectives for his eponymous supercar company and his diktat that it eschew racing, which would go on to heavily influence the Diablo’s design and development, even though the founder had long since left the company. Each of the model variants is examined in detail, as are the socio-politico-economic factors that that made designing and developing the Diablo imperative and unavoidable , and which forced the Sant’ Agata works into making evolutionary modifications as well as introducing radical innovations over the course of the Diablo’s long reign. Written by two passionate and deeply knowledgeable owners who for over two decades have run two wedge shaped, spaceframe, Bizzarrini-engined Lamborghini flagships, this book also delves into pre-purchase considerations, the Diablo’s known foibles and the value of a pre-purchase inspection, before discussing the buying process, the trials and tribulations of periodic servicing, preventative maintenance, and garaging, after which it shares the sheer elation and exhilaration of actually piloting a Diablo.

Engels, hardcover, 2023, 192 pagina’s, Thillainathan Pathmanathan, Anne Christina Reck.

ISBN 9780719842443.

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