Lamborghini the collection



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Lamborghini the collection.

Mooie tijdreis door de geschiedenis van het legendarische Lamborghini. Foto’s en auto’s welke tentoongesteld staan in het Lamborghini museum.

A journey in time, through the production of the legendary Lamborghinis, stunningly illustrated as in a museum. From Ferruccio Lamborghinis shrewd insight to today, this story is interspersed with unique photographs illustrating the forty-years history on an Italian Company that has won worldwide acclaim. It is a spectacular journey that is acted out by its leading players: 350 GTV, 400 GT, Jslero, Espada, Miura, Urraco, Jarama, Countach, Jalpa, LM 002, Diablo, Murciélago and Gallardo.

Engels/Italiaans, paperback, 2003, 80 pagina’s, Stefano Pasini.

ISBN 8877943823.

EAN 9788877943828.

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