The 8C Story Continues


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The 8C Story Continues.

The 8c Story Continues by Simon Moore is an addendum to the three previous books:

  • The Legendary 2.3 (published 2000)
  • The Immortal 2.9 second edition (published 2008)
  • The Magnificent Monopostos (published 2014)

The intention has been to focus on “new” historical information and photographs not with changes of ownership, auction results, subsequent restorations, concours appearances, historic racing results or other events that have occurred since the books came out.

Where necessary, corrections have been included. For example the car listed under chassis number 412041 is now known to actually be 412037. The exciting news is that one completely original short-chassis 8C2300 spider with unique Figoni coachwork has been found, when no one really thought there were any complete cars left to discover.

In addition, two cars that were modified back in the 1950s have been found and brought out of their hiding places (2311229 and 412151). Original parts for three other cars have also been discovered (2211136, 2311216 and 412040). Some colour images of these cars are included.

With lots of help, Simon has established the identity of a number of cars in the “Remaining Mysteries” section of the 2.3 book, although he has also managed to add a few more, both for 8C2300s and 8C2900s.

Like all books from Parkside, this book is produced to the highest standards. All the approximately 700 photographs are spot-varnished and numerous period documents are also included.

Engels, hardcover, 2022, 516 pagina’s, Simon Moore. Parkside Publications.

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