Tutti gli Scooter del Mondo 1946-1966, l’era d’oro dello scooter

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Tutti gli Scooter del Mondo 1946-1966, l’era d’oro dello scooter.

The most complete book ever published devoted to the golden age of the scooter.
In the first part are considered the years ‘ and 10 ‘ 20, a period in which that submission was little more than a motor scooter and placed as an alternative to the bike with the engine.

The second part is dedicated to scooters over the years ‘ 30 and ‘ 40, when beginning to outline the final design of this innovative vehicle: wheels, chassis and bodywork.
Great emphasis is also given to the years ‘ 50 and ‘ 60, the golden age of the scooter, with an overview of the second world war and the importance that had at that time the scooter as a means of individual transport.
Particular attention is also given to the production of the most important countries (especially Italy, trends in France, Germany, Great Britain, United States and Japan), whose most significant brands are treated in a comprehensive and lavishly illustrated.
The book closes with “The catalogue”, a broad overview that lists all models pi-broken down by significant nation-illustrated cards complete with technical data.

Italiaans, hardcover, 2009, 432 pagina’s, Giorgio Sarti.

ISBN 9788879114691.

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