Vespa The Story of a Cult Classic in Pictures



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Vespa the story of a Cult Classic in Pictures.

Eighteen million Vespas have buzzed their way into the world since 1946. Stood end to end, they would form a line measuring 20,000 miles in length. The secret of the Vespa scooter’s success lies in its uniqueness, in the unmistakable sheet metal skin that, over the span of decades, has proven its versatility without ever abandoning its familiar face. Today, the Vespa shines forth like a lighthouse from the monotonous sea of industrial mass production. Nowhere else can one buy a factory-new legend.Presented here is the history of Vespa, from its beginnings to the present day, clearly arranged, understandable for all, and, above all, describing even the tiniest detail in an unprecedented form. An illustrated chronicle, with all the information needed for complete understanding. The result is a Vespa book, through and through – as unique as the Vespa itself, with illustrations that have never been seen before. It is a volume that lets the reader become immersed in the culture of Vespa and la bella vita.

English, hardcover, 2012, 252 pages, Gunther Uhlig.

ISBN 9781845847906.

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