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Ducati Bevel Twins


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Ducati Bevel Twins 1971-1986 Authenticity & Restoration Guide.




• Definitive guide to authenticity

• Detailed description of individual model differences

• Restoration tips and guidance based on years of practical experience

• Correct information for decal placement

• Guide to colours and paint codes

• Advice on how to find the right motorcycle

• Companion to the Bevel Twin books in the Bible series



Ducati’s classic 750, 860 900 and Mille bevel-drive twins from 1971-1986 are now amongst the most collectable bikes in the world. Although built in relatively small numbers, there are many individual model differences that can make their authentic restoration difficult. This book serves as a definitive guide to authenticity and gives hands-on restoration tips and guidance.


This range of motorcycles lasted 15 years and now a restored bike with original parts will be worth about double the value of one with the wrong parts/detailing. There have been so many little variations over the years that most people have no idea what is correct for a particular model. A would-be buyer’s first question is always “how authentic is the bike?”, not if it is beautifully restored or not. So this book is a comprehensive guide to authenticity. The content includes colour codes, stripe widths, decal placement, etc. The practical chapters are by necessity broad. For instance, there were five fork types, more than five shock absorber types (many not rebuildable), more than five brake types and ten different frame types. These practical chapters cover little tricks in assembly and offer general advice rather than a detailed workshop manual-type description.


Models covered: 750 GT, Sport and SS, 860 GT, GTE, GTS, 900 SS, GTS, SD, SSD, MHR, S2, Mille.


Engelstalig, softcover, 288 pages.

ISBN 9781845843182.

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