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Ducati 999 Birth of a Legend.


A book as much about the people of Ducati as it is the 999 itself. Introduced in 2002 to acclaim and controversy, the Ducati 999 retained the spirit of the 916 series even as it ushered in a new era in motorcycling. Like all Ducatis, it’s quick, charismatic, and fun to ride on the road or the racetrack. Yet it’s also more comfortable and easier to use for day-to-day riding.


These changes were the result of an entirely new design philosophy embraced by designer Pierre Terblanche, who set out to build the 999 from the inside out. His commitment to simplicity and thoughtful design has created a bike with improved ergonomics and control for riders. It also reflects unprecedented manufacturing efficiencies for Ducati—the 999 has 23 percent fewer parts than its predecessor, an astonishing reduction to achieve on a motorcycle.


But the process that produced such fundamental improvements was actually amazingly complex. Join us for a journey of discovery as authors Alan Cathcart and Marc Cook go behind the scenes at the Ducati factory in Bologna, Italy, for exclusive interviews with the designers, engineers, and test riders who created the company’s most important motorcycle in a decade. Each has his own story to tell of the trials, tools, and technology that were used to create this revolutionary motorcycle, as it evolved from the earliest design sketches through foam core and clay mock-ups to prototypes and various test models. This evolution is brought to life through hundreds of original photographs that chronicle the bike’s development and manufacturing and take you inside Ducati’s impressive R&D facility, including the off-limits prototype development and engine development areas.


Ducati 999: Birth of a Legend also tells the dramatic story of Ducati’s history and heritage, explaining how it grew into a superbike powerhouse and a brand revered by the most demanding riders in the world.


Following are excerpts from Ducati’s press release distributed at the Milan Motorcycle show and early reviews of Ducati 999: Birth of a Legend.


This is the best book we’ve ever been involved in. Alan and Marc have done a fantastic job presenting the challenges of developing a new bike, and the photographs, illustrations, and design are beautiful. This book is as much about the people of Ducati as it is the 999 itself. —Ducati Creative Director, David Gross


I’ve known the engineers and designers at Ducati for many years as colleagues and personal friends. That helped me tremendously in telling the story of the 999’s development. —Alan Cathcart


We had absolutely unprecedented access and support from Ducati. I’ve been to many factories, but none like Ducati. High-tech design and manufacturing walk arm-in-arm with old-world charm and rampant enthusiasm. —Marc Cook


Engelstalig, hardcover, 192 pages, 2003.

ISBN 1893618277.

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