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The Lancia Fulvia and Flavia. a Collector’s Guide book.

Featured are the cars which were the mainstay of the company during the 1960s and 1970s and brought it massive international success in both rallying and racing. Today, these Fulvias and Flavias, especially the high-performance and special-bodied versions, are some of the most sought after Italian plassics. This book provides enthusiasts and potential buyers with an invaluable reference source.

Gebruikt boek in goede en nette staat.

Engels, hardcover, 1984, 144 pagina’s, Wim H.J. Oude Weernink.

ISBN 090054970X. (1984, hardcover) EAN 9780900549700.

ISBN 1899870520. (2001,softcover) EAN 9781899870523.

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