Lancia Aurelia Gran Turismo



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Lancia Aurelia Gran Turismo


Of cars with a seductive line, with a particular personality, captivating, fascinating, in a word with almost absolute beauty, they have been seen so many, both before and after the Lancia Aurelia B20; but in that case it seems that the designer wanted to let loose the bridle of his imagination.

The Aurelia B20 was a technical masterpiece deriving from an imaginative creative process, but solidly coherent with the style and softly weighted lines harmonized by the artist’s art and pencil.

A refined mechanics completed the car: the maximum achievable at that time.

A monumental work to celebrate an immortal car, which still exerts its fascination on fans all over the world.

Anecdotes, competitions, colors and layouts, chassis numbers. The volume is completed with over 500 previously unpublished images.


Italiaans, hardcover, 2018, 485 pagina’s, Gino Giugno, Loris Chioetto.

ISBN 9788890922091.

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