Stanguellini Piccole Grandi Auto Da Corsa



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Stanguellini piccole grandi auto da corsa.

Having retraced, over ten years ago, the prestigious history of or.O.S.C.A. volume S.C.A. Revenge of the Maserati, Luigi Orsini, the influential signing of motoring and Franco Zagari, photographer who knew how to capture more than fifty years of racing, reunite to tell another between pages more attractive and less known sports car history: that of the Stanguellini. Born at the end of the 19th century as an artisan company dedicated to the construction of musical instruments, from the mid-1930s the firm, run by Vittorio Stanguellini, beginning to specialize in the preparation of racing cars, in particular on Fiat chassis. These small Sport, in the hands of talented riders including include names such as Sesto Leonardi, Sergio Sighinolfi, Anna Maria Peduzzi, were leading until the late 1950s, particularly in 750, 1100 classes, taking a long series of statements in the main competition at the time, on the road, uphill and into the circuit. This long and fascinating history had not been previously subject to a comprehensive discussion, made here even more complete by a systematic catalog browsing, model by model, the entire production of Casa Modena, and by an extensive palmar s that lists all WINS.

Italiaans, hardcover, 2003, 384 pagina’s, Luigi Orsini, Franco Zagari.

ISBN 8879113054.

EAN 9788879113052.

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