Volkswagen Transporter and Microbus 1967-1979 reprint



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Volkswagen Transporter and Microbus, specification guide, 1967-1979. reprint

This comprehensive guide is the first one to tell the whole story of the Volkswagen Bay Window Transporter, produced from 1967 – 1979. This new paperback edition deals with the Transporter’s development, its technical evolution, the model codes, the specification detail changes, the factory fitted M-codes and Transporter export.

Using this book, Bus enthusiasts can crack the codes of their own specific vehicle, to find out the factory-fitted specifications like paint and trim colours, engine and transmission types and even, the date of manufacture, model and destination code.

The first ever book to cover the Bay Window bus so comprehensively and if you own, drive or just love Bays this is the must-have book of the year. VW Camper & Commercial.

Engels, softcover, 2013, 128 pagina’s, ongeveer 470 foto’s illustraties, Vincent Molenaar, Alexander Prinz.

ISBN-10; 1861267657. ISBN-13; 9781861267658. 2005 hardcover.

ISBN 9781847974808. 2013 paperback.

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