VW Bus and Pick-Up, 1950 – 2010


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VW Bus and Pick-Up: Special Models.


SO (Sonderausfuhrungen) and Special Body Variants for the VW Transporter 1950-2010.


Since its introduction in 1950 the Volkswagen Transporter has become legendary for its versality and adaptability to many commercial uses. Known originally as Sonderausfuhrungen, abbreviated to SO, these Special Models were usually converted by specialists, companies and coachbuilders approved by VW.


Using archive, promotional materials and period and contemporary photographs, this book traces the development and variety of these SO and other Special Body conversions from 1950 – 2010, across the five generations from T1 to T5. As well as all the officially SO-designated models, many rare and unusual conversions are profiled, some with full photo-features.


The models covered include: 

Airport Buses


Binz Double Cab

Brazilian Body Variants

Broadcast Buses

Cherry Pickers

Disaster Vans

Display and Exhibition Buses

Drinks Delivery Vehicles

Electric Buses

Fire Trucks

Half-Track Alpine Bus


Ice Cream Vans

Police Vehicles

Ladder Trucks

Low Loader Pick-Ups

Miesen Ambulance

Military Conversions

Mining Buses

Mobile Shops

Money Transporters

Rail Buses

Refrigerator Vans

Tipper Trucks


Engelstalig, hardcover, 192 pagina’s. kleuren fotografie, ongeveer 700 foto’s.

ISBN 9781847972767.

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