Porsche 911 Identification Guide



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Porsche 911 Identification Guide, all models since 1964.

The Porsche 911, certainly one of the greatest sports the world has ever seen, has appeared in many forms since the first car rolled off the production line in 1964. The 911 has been produced for over 40 years now, with changes being made almost every single year. But when is a Porsche 911 not a 911? When it’s a Carrera, a GT2, GT3 or a Speedster. Or maybe when it’s a 964, 993, 996 or 997. It can be highly confusing, especially when most mainstream 911s since 1984 have been badged “Carrera” and not actually “911”. The Porsche 911 Identification Guide is designed to clarify the situation. It documents clearly and simply the different models of Porsche 911 produced since 1964 with detailed descriptions, notes on specification changes and clear pointers on how to recognise each variant.

Engels, hardcover, 2005, 192 pages, Philip Raby.

ISBN 0954106385.

EAN 9780954106386.

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