Porsche Panamera Moment


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Porsche Panamera Moment.


“ Stuttgart. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, has two new publications to offer fans of high quality automobile books, which are just as unique as the cars they describe: Just in time for the sales launch of the Porsche Panamera, the Bielefeld-based traditional publisher, Delius Klasing, has produced a large format illustrated book on the four door Gran Turismo. With the title “Panamera Moment”, journalists Elmar Brümmer and Reiner Schloz describe the latest model from Porsche. The pictures, as unique as they are imposing, are the work of well-known automobile photographer Frank M. Orel, who surprises the reader with his very own views of the Panamera. The Stuttgart photographic artist has shown the Panamera in both unusual and unexpected situations. The scope of the images ranges from Shanghai to Elmau, Bavaria, or from an aircraft hangar to a dry dock. In each situation, the Porsche Panamera has its own unique effect – that’s the Panamera Moment. This illustrated book with its extraordinary views and insights into the fourth Porsche range is available immediately for € 49.90 in the Porsche-Museum shop, from all Porsche branches or from good bookshops (ISBN 978-3-7688-2654-9). “


German, hardcover, WAP0920160A.

ISBN 9783768826549.


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