Porsche Racing Cars, 1976-2005



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Porsche Racing Cars, 1979-2005.



* Stunning period photography, much in colour

* Year-by-year coverage of Porsche racing exploits

* Worldwide competition including results

* Detailed vehicle profiles

* Compliments other Veloce/Long Porsche books

* Written with full co-operation from Porsche

* The author is an acknowledged Porsche expert

* Exudes the atmosphere of the contemporary racing scene

– An earlier volume covers the period 1953 to 1975


Follows Porsche’s year-by-year progress in top flight racing, and looks in detail at the pure competition cars which brought the German marque such immense success and worldwide acclaim on the tracks. This particular volume begins with the story of the pure racers of 1976 vintage, and takes the reader, car-by-car, through all of the subsequent racing models, including the glorious 956 and 962, up to 2005. An earlier volume covers the years up to and including 1975.


English, hardcover, 272 pages, 2008.

ISBN 9781904788454.

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