Il Grande Libro delle Moto Europee e Americane anni 30-40


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Il Grande Libro delle Moto Europee e Americane anni 30-40.

Overzicht van de Europese en Amerikaanse motoren uit de jaren dertiger en veertiger jaren van de vorige eeuw.

The end of the “flat tank” era with the fuel tank being moved to the top of the frame was not simply a stylistic choice but a change that led to a radical turning point in the history of motorcycling. In parallel, the engines were more powerful and the frames more robust. BMW, DKW, NSU and Zundapp, like Peugeot, Terrot and Motobecane continued to take the lion’s share of the European market, while in the United States, due above all to the Wall Street collapse (1929), the glorious marques that had produced the fabulous four-cylinder machines of the previous decades disappeared, leaving just Harley-Davidson and Indian.
Featuring hundreds of photographs and documents.

Italiaans, hardcover, 2020, 240 pagina’s, 844 foto’s waarvan 118 in zwart-wit, Giorgio Sarti.

ISBN 9788879117791.

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