Il Grande Libro delle Moto Europee e Americane anni 10-20


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Il Grande Libro delle Moto Europee e Americane anni 10-20.

Overzicht van de Europese en Amerikaanse motoren uit de jaren 1900 tot 1920.

The dawn of motorcycling coincided with a period of remarkable interest. The era of motorized bicycles drew to a close with a more modern configuration being adopted that maintained the fuel tank slung from the frame: the era of the glorious “flat tanks”. The engines were more reliable and the frames permitted higher speed to be handled. In Europe, the most prominent marques were BMW, DKW and NSU, but also Peugeot, Terrot and Motobecane. On the other side of the Atlantic the market was dominated by the “big two”, Harley-Davidson and Indian, but other marques had also carved out niches including the fabulous four-cylinder Pierces, Aces, Hendersons and Clevelands. This latest volume of the encyclopaedia tackles the vast subject through hundreds of photos and documents supporting exhaustive contextual texts by Giorgio Sarti.

Italiaans, hardcover, 2020, 240 pagina’s, 866 foto’s waarvan 137 in zwart-wit, Giorgio Sarti.

ISBN 9788879117784.

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