Bugatti Type 57 Grand Prix a Celebration


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Bugatti Type 57 Grand Prix – A Celebration.

A comprehensive, radical look at the history and development of the Type 57 Grand Prix Bugattis. New material challenges traditional beliefs about these historic cars, and rejects some long-standing conventions. Here, myths are explored and truths are revealed in a book celebrating all aspects of these remarkable cars and their creators.


  •  A seminal work on this subject
  • Challenges conventional beliefs
  • Proposes a currently undefined history
  • Details the Type 57G engine and chassis evolution
  • Describes bodywork development
  • Contains previously unpublished drawings
  • New, previously unseen photographs included
  • Clarifies prototyping practice
  • Explores rumours and myths
  • Illustrates historic and contemporary miniatures

This book details the Bugatti Type 57 Grand Prix sports racing cars – essentially the most reliable and fastest competitors of their time.

A seminal work, bringing together practically all the data known about the Type 57 Grand Prix sports racing cars.

Includes many previously unpublished factory drawings and photographs, and describes all the detailed body and chassis changes from prototype, and from race to race. With new and previously unpublished information, it provides a convincing final argument that there were originally four T57G ‘Tanks’ built, the prototype being written off following a crash at Montlhery. It provides the latest information about the enigmatic Type 57S45 ‘Tanks,’ and the most up-to-date information about the 1939 Type 57C Le Mans winning car. It challenges conventional Bugatti history by showing that the ‘King Leopold car,’ 57248, is a Type 57G, not a Type 59, and it discusses the evolution sequence and developmentof the Type 57 Grand Prix cars from 1934 to 1939. Also disscussed are the myths and rumours surrounding the cars, with convincing for and against accounts. It discusses the final months leading to Jean Bugatti’s fatal accident, Ettore’s plan to re-locate the factory to Belgium, and dismisses the notion that Jean committed suicide. The book illustrates many of the toys and miniatures of the T57G made by manufaturers to celebrate the cars from 1937 to date. It discusses race results, analyses, and political events.

Covers the Bugatti Type 57 Grand Raid – 1934-37, Bugatti Type 57 Grand Prix ‘Tank’ – 1935-36, Bugatti Type 57G Le Mans ‘Tank’ – 1937, Bugatti Type 57S45 ‘Tank’ – 1937, Bugatti Type 57S – 1935-39, Bugatti Grand Prix Type 59 – 1933-38, and Bugatti Type 57C Le Mans ‘Tank’ – 1939.

English, hardcover, 2015, 176 pages, Neil Max Tomlinson.

ISBN 9781845847890.

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