Bugatti 57 The Last French Bugatti



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Bugatti 57 The Last French Bugatti. classic reprint 2016

The concise history of the Bugatti Type 57, 57S, 64 & 101.

The magnificent Type 57 was the final flowering of the genius of Ettore and Jean Bugatti, and the last truly new model from Molsheim, France.

Packed with over 300 images – mostly contemporary – this book is recognised as THE standard reference on the 57 and its close relatives.


  • The book of the Bugatti 57 and its derivitives.
  • Over 300 fascinating and mainly period images portray all of these Bugatti models
  • See the work of many great coachbuilders
  • So successful was the Type 57 that it accounts for 10% of all Bugatti production.
  • The last Bugattis built in France
  • Written and compiled by an authority on the marque
  • Includes the story of the ill-fated postwar Type 101
  • Author’s royalties donated to the Bugatti Trust
  • High quality artpaper production

Engels, hardcover, 2016, 240 pagina’s, Barrie Price.

ISBN 9781845848712.

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