The Tricycle Book 1895-1902 part two



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The Tricycle Book 1895-1902 part two.

Three-Wheeled Transport in Great Britain.

Having covered De Dion-Bouton Tricycles in Part One of this book, also supported by the Michael Sedgwick Memorial Trust, Michael Edwards has now written Part Two, covering the developments in the UK during this period. Many of the Tricycles featured either used De Dion-Bouton engines or near copies thereof. Having set the scene in the UK and how the regulation and society norms of the time influenced development, the author goes on to record all the known examples produced in the period, even those which only amounted to a single example. This substantial book fills a gap in the published history of early motoring. It was hailed as a success at Retromobile exhibition where some 300 were purchased, proving that there is still an appetite for history at or near the dawn of motoring.

Engels, hardcover, 2019, 388 pagina’s, Michael Edwards, Surrenden Press.

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