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Tazio Magazine
Issue 6 – Winter 2022
ENGLISH edition, 160 pages.

In issue 6 of Tazio, we get dirty. Safari dirty. The Safari rally and an Alitalia-sponsored Lancia Stratos. Need we say more? Well, maybe one more thing. Helmut Deimel tells the story.
Issue 6 stars: Sandro Munari, Lofty Drews, Jimmie Johnson, Erik Comas, Ayrton Senna, Freddie Agabashian, Mark Donohue, Emerson Fittipaldi, Bobby Allison, George Follmer, AJ Foyt, and more famous Porsche drivers, Achille Varzi and Charles Morgan.


  • The Stratos that was a dog house. The story of the Alitalia Lancia Stratos that finished second in the Safari rally in 1975, only to be discarded. It roars again now.
  • Erik Comas on Ayrton Senna. On Spa, on Imola, on living, on leaving F1. On finding peace and success in Japan. On restoring Alpines and Lancias. As told by his wife Raffaella Comas.
  • Seventy years ago, a diesel took pole at the Indy 500. We tell the story of the Cummins Diesel Special.
  • Behind the wheel of the first Ferrari bought by a Portuguese, and with a race career that stretches from Porto right up to Mozambique. What better way to celebrate the 75 years of Ferrari than go for a long drive in a 1950 166 MM, no?
  • IROC pt I. Matt Stone looks at the first year of the International Race of Champions. Nothing but all-stars in identical Porsche 911s.
  • After World War II, Achille Varzi was building back his career as a top driver with Alfa Romeo. It was behind the wheel of this Alfa Romeo 12C/316 he would celebrate his final win in 1948.
  • Morgan Plus 8 GTR. The oddball in nineties GT racing. But the Plus 8 GTR was so much more than just a valiant effort from a small British car maker to put a dent into the Porsche flotilla in the BPR and FIA GT championships. What you are looking at here, was in fact the prototype of the Morgan Aero 8 road car. Raced for development. It’s very old school, and very cool to drive as we found out.
  • Jimmie Johnson. The five-time Nascar Cup winner – in consecutive years no less – looks back and looks forward.
  • And of course, the columns from Hurley Haywood, Steve Soper and Christian Geistdörfer.
  • Dedicated art work by Rafael Varela.

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