Rover SD1 The Full Story 1976-1986


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Rover SD1 the full story 1976 – 1986.

David Bache’s superbly styled hatchback gave Rover a highly distinctive large executive-class car in the 1970s and 1980s, and a successful motorsport programme in the first half of the 1980s only added to its desirability. The original carburetted V8 and 6-cylinder petrol models were supplemented by injected V8s and by 4-cylinder petrol and diesel types to widen the range’s appeal – and yet sales would always be disappointing, thanks in no small measure to variable and sometimes simply awful build quality. Nevertheless, the SD1 remains a favourite with enthusiasts today, and stands out at classic car gatherings just as it always stood out on the road when it was new.

Now in paperback for 2021, this is the complete story of the Rover SD1, including full production histories and comprehensive specification details.

Engels, paperback, 2021, 208 pagina’s, James Taylor.

ISBN 9781785009266.

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