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Rover P4.

When it was launched in 1949, the new Rover 75 was considered revolutionary for its time, its sleek integrated styling being very much a break with the designs of the past. In this book, Rover expert James Taylor covers the development of all of the various P4 models, from the 75 to the 110 of the early 1960s, providing a unique insight into a car still affectionately known as ‘Auntie’.

Despite its somewhat ponderous appearance, the solid build with wood and leather interiors matched by good driving dynamics made the Rover P4 a pleasure to drive and own. Complemented by the Rover P5 and eventually replaced by the Rover P6, the Rover P4 held sway for over a decade during which it became a favourite of the professional classes and an emblem of the conservative British lifestyle and values. After the end of production, it continued to remain a favourite among classic car enthusiasts. The various models and developments of the Rover P4 are all covered in this concise but comprehensive book, providing an endless source of interest for Rover P4 and classic car enthusiasts alike.

Engels, paperback, 2023, 96 pagina’s, James Taylor. Amberley Books.

ISBN 9781398113794.

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