Rover Cars 1945 to 2005 a Pictorial History


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Rover Cars 1945 to 2005 a Pictorial History.

This comprehensive pictorial overview of Rover cars and car-derived vans covers the 60 years from 1945 to 2005. It describes and illustrates all of the great classic Rovers up to and including the SD1, and goes on to look at the models inherited from British Leyland that attracted Rover badges.
It finishes with the models designed in conjunction with Honda; the later British-designed cars – and even the final City Rover. There is also consideration of some Rover models that were designed but, for various reasons, did not enter production, and can now only be seen as prototypes in museums.
A title in Veloce’s popular Pictorial History series, this book describes all of the postwar models with illustrations and technical data for each.

Engels, paperback, 2022, 80 pagina’s, James Taylor.

ISBN 9781787116092.

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