Rolls-Royce the elegance continues



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Rolls-Royce the elegance continues.


Continuing the theme of Those Elegant Rolls-Royce,

this book illustrates the coachbuilding craft as applied to Rolls-Royce from 1946.

The fewe coachbuilderswho survived the second world war blossomed briefly until the advent of hte Silver Cloud in 1955.

The excellent designof the standard steel saloon on this chassis was one of the reasons that caused three of the last five remainingEnglish coachbuilders to cease production. Freestone & Webbfinishing in 1958, Hooper in 1960 and H.J. Mulliner merging with Park Ward in 1961. In contrast some of James Young’s finest work was mounted on the Silver Cloud and Phantom V chassis, but even they gave up coachbuilding when the monocoque Silver Shadow was introduced.

Nearly every different body mounted on post war Rolls-Royce chassis is shown, incluiding coachbuildingers drawings and photographs of interiors.

Extracts from other books are reproduced containing body design number, chassis number and other data.


English, hardcover, 280 pages, 1971, Lawrence Dalton.

used book in very good condition.

ISBN 0901564052.

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