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Porsche 944 Ultimate Portfolio.


Overzicht van autotesten uit de diverse Engels talig automagazines.


The 944 was the third of Porsche’s family of front-engined sports cars, slotting in to fill a gap in the market between the supercar 928 and the more affordable 924. That gap had been temporarily filled by the 924 Turbo, but during 1982 the 944 took over completely. Porsche’s design philosophy has always been one of evolution rather than revolution, and the 944 was no exception. It was quite clearly derived from the 924, flared wings being the principal visual difference of the early models. Under the bonnet, though, was a very different 2.5-litre engine, which surprised many people by having only four cylinders. The 944 itself evolved as time went by. There was a 944 Turbo from 1985, 1986 saw four-valve engines, a cabriolet version was added to the range and the engines were uprated in 1990 – to 250bhp for the 944 Turbo and to 3 litres and 211bhp for the 944 S2. The 944 was withdrawn from production in 1992, but its replacement was yet another evolution of the same car, the 968. Like all Porsches, the 944 was built to go fast, to handle well and to last for a very long time. Build quality was always superb, with the result that examples of the 944 are going to be with us for very many years to come. Let us hope that few of them find their way into the hands of unsympathetic owners. For all those who own, have owned, or would like to own a 944, this book will be enjoyable reading. For those who simply enjoy reading about cars and for those who make their living by writing about them, it will make a valuable addition to their library.


Covering the naturally aspirated 2.5, 2.7 & 3.0 litre Lux, S & S2 plus the Turbo 2.5 S & SE in coupe and cabriolet forms.


Engelstalig, softcover, 208 pagina’s.

ISBN 1855205602.

ISBN 9781855205604.

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