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Fiat, Chrysler, and the Power of a Dynasty.


Mondo Agnelli is rich in detail and epic in scope. It’s all here: the family and corporate

crisis that beset the Agnellis and their company, Fiat, at the dawn of the twenty-first century,

and how the moves stat saved Fiat prompted an unprecedented split in the family.

From the salons of Turin to the corridors of goverment in WAshington, where Fiat’s

Sergio Marchionne won control of Chrysler, Jennifer Clark spins a rveting tale of family

and corporate power.  

        – Paul Ingrassia, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and Deputy Editor in Chief of Reuters.


 “Mondo Agnelli is a wonderful book that captures the highly colorful bistroy of Fiat and the Agnelli family

from the company’s earliest days in 1899 to the amazing turbulance that led to trhe merger of

Chrysler and Fiat a few years ago. Ms Clark has done an exhaustive review of the literature and conducted

a large number of personsal interviews to create a well-written, riveting, and spectacular story.

As someone who has followed the industry for many years and knows some of the key players personally,

I feel privileged to have had a chance to review this very special book. If you have even a marginal

interest in the saga of the auto industry, it is a must-read!!”

      – Dove Cole, PhD, Chairman, AutoHarvest, and Chairman Emeritus, Center for Automotive Research.


Engelstalig, hardcover, 360 pagina’s.

ISBN 9781118018521.

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