Abarth, the man the machines



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Abarth the man, the machines.


There have been a few attempts at producing a definitive history of Abarth and (as someone who’s bought most of them!) I can say this one comes closest so far. The biography of Carlo Abarth and the history of the production cars have been told before and are here well written and illustrated with period photgraphs, many of which are familiar. It is with the competition history that this goes much further, with a wealth of new pictures and detailed dimensions of all the sports prototypes until the Fiat takeover of the company in 1971. Particularly impressive is the comprehensive, 100 page, results section which lists every victory that Abarth were aware of, by their products, between 1956 and 1971. We are told all details except race number, which is rather important from a modelling view point, but it’s better that anything we’ve seen before. If you need an Abarth ‘bible’ this may well be the one.


English, hardcover, 517 pages, 2002.

ISBN 8879112635.

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