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MG Y-type & Magnette ZA/ZB.


Overzicht van autotesten door de jaren heen uitgekomen in de diverse Engelse automagazines.


 The prototype Y-Type was constructed in 1939 with an intended launch at the Earls Court Motor show, the following year. However, as a result of the hostilities the public had to wait a further eight years before production commenced. All prototypes originating from the MG Factory at Abingdon were allocated numbers prefixed by the letters EX; this practice continued until the mid-fifties. Although the prototype of the MG Y-Type was primarily a Morris concept from Cowley, much of the fleshing out was completed at Abingdon. As a result it was allocated the prototype number EX.166. When the car was launched the MG Sales Literature stated A brilliant new Member of the famous MG breed. This new One and a Quarter Litre car perpetuates the outstanding characteristics of its successful predecessors – virile acceleration, remarkable road manner, instant response to controls, and superb braking. A lively car, the new One and a Quarter Litre provides higher standards of performance. The UK price of the car was £525 ex works plus purchase tax of £146.11.8d. The car featured an independent front suspension layout designed by Gerald Palmer and Jack Daniels (an MG Draughtsman). Independent front suspension was very much the latest technology at the time and the Y-Type became the first Nuffield product and one of the first British production cars with this feature. The separate chassis facilitated the Jackall System, which consisted of four hydraulically activated rams that were clamped to the chassis, two at the front and two at the rear. The jacks were connected to a Jackall Pump on the bulkhead that enabled the front, the back, or the entire car to be raised to facilitate a wheel change.


The Magnette ZA was launched in 1953 at the London Motor Show and deliveries started in March 1954. Production continued until 1956. It was the first monocoque car to bear the MG badge. The Magnette was designed by Gerald Palmer who made his name with the Jowett Javelin, and featured modern Italian inspired styling. Power came from the then new four cylinder 1.5 L (1489 cc) B-Series engine with twin 1¼ inch SU carburettors delivering 60 bhp, driving the rear wheels through a four speed manual gearbox with synchromesh on the top three ratios. Suspension was independent at the front using coil springs and had a live axle with half elliptic leaf springs at the rear. The steering was by rack and pinion. Hydraulically operated Lockheed 10 in (254 mm) drum brakes were fitted to front and rear wheels. The car had individual front seats and a rear bench trimmed in leather and the dashboard and door cappings were in polished wood. The heater was standard but the radio still an optional extra. The similar Wolseley 4/44, first sold one year earlier, used the 1250 cc engine from the MG TF. Although visually similar, the MG has lower suspension and only the front doors, boot lid and roof panels are shared. The 4/44 was replaced in 1956 by the 15/50. In 1955 the Motor magazine tested a Magnette and recorded a top speed of 79.7 mph (128.3 km/h) acceleration from 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in 23.1 seconds and a fuel consumption of 24.9 miles per imperial gallon was recorded. The test car cost £914 including taxes.


The ZA was replaced by the Magnette ZB in 1956. Power was increased to 64 hp (48 kW) by fitting 1½ inch carburettors, increasing the compression ratio from 7.5 to 8.3 and modifying the manifolding, and a semi-automatic transmission was an option. The interior was improved by fitting a wood dashboard and there was also a Varitone model with larger rear window and optional two tone paintwork. The extra power meant the top speed was now 86 mph (138 km/h) and the 0-60 mph time came down to 18.5 seconds.


This portfolio of international articles traces the progress of MG’s post-war sporting saloons & tourers. Models covered are the 1 1/4 litre YA, YB & YT Y-Types and the ZA & ZB Magnettes. Including are road tests together with performance data, new model intros, long term reports & touring articles. Featured are buying guides & advice on acquiring a good used MG. A total of 136 illustrated pages.


English, softcover, 136 pages.

ISBN 9781855208629.

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