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Maserati A6GCS.

Maserati built remarkable racing cars in the 1950s that are highly valued by many drivers in historic racing today. The darling among these cars is the A6GCS. Small, very agile, and relatively easy to drive, it was THE car in the 2-liter class for the numerous amateur racing drivers in Italy. The car was driven on countless hill climbs and of course on circuits, and in the legendary Mille Miglia. In race-crazy Italy, the car was always in the focus of the spectators, tens of thousands of whom stood on the streets to watch these small red racers. The history of the A6GCS gives a very good insight into a time in Italian motorsport which was mainly contested by wealthy amateurs. The names of many of the drivers have been forgotten today, but the vast majority of the A6GCS are still here and are used today at numerous events. This book pays tribute to perhaps the most romantic Maserati racing car of all time.

  • The only detailed book about the Maserati A6GCS
  • The most popular of all Maserati race cars, and a favorite driver of current owners
  • Includes the history for all 54 chassis and one mystery chassis
  • The car was a success when racing for amateurs in the 1950s and was popular, participating in hillclimbs and events like the Mille Miglia
  • Cars designed and built by famous coachbuilders: Fantuzzi, Fiandri & Malagoli, Pininfarina, Frua and Vignale
  • Driven by greats, such as Maria Teresa de Filippis, Luigi Musso and Juan Manuel Fangio
  • Over 340 period photographs, many never seen before
  • Companion volume to author’s books on the A6G and 300S Maseratis
  • Pages 400, Images 343.

Engels, hardcover, 2022, 400 pagina’s, 343 foto’s, Walter Baumer, Blachette Jean-François Blachette.

ISBN 9781854432391.

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