Jean Bugatti 1939 from triumph to tragedy



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Jean Bugatti 1939 from triumph to tragedy.

The name BUGATTI is legendary in the history of the motor car. “ELITE CARS FOR THE ELITE” was his own claim.

When people talk about BUGATTI they always mean ETTORE BUGATTI, the technical genius. But if we draw aside the heavy veil of the BUGATTI MYTH, the spotlight falls for the first time on his equally gifted son JEAN BUGATTI. He crated the most beautiful cars in history such as the T41 ROYALE and the T57 ATLANTIC.

This historical novel reveals the difficult, indeed tragic, relationship between these two great personalities. At the same time it is a love story and a mystery story.

JEAN BUGATTI only lived to be 30. Wikipedia records an accidental death: “Driving at over 200 kmph JEAN BUGATTI had to avoid a cyclist … and crashed into a tree”.

This documentary novel disproves that story. It will cause outrage and denial among BUGATTISTS all over the world – or stimulate their curiosity!

Engels, hardcover, 2022, 154 pagina’s, Jürgen Strutz.

ISBN 9783487086545.

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