Bugatti A Racing History


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Bugatti a Racing History. (H834)

Here is the first full racing history of Bugatti, from Ettore Bugatti’s endeavours with a racing motor tricycle in 1898, through to building the first racing T10 at Cologne in 1910, opening the Molsheim factory and racing at Indianapolis in 1914. After designing aero engines during the First World War, Bugatti enjoyed a golden age of Grand Prix racing in the 1920s with the legendary T35, followed by a slow decline during the 1930s, and the abortive attempt to re-enter Grand Prix racing in 1956.

Gebruikt boek in zeer goede en nette staat.

Engels, hardcover, 2002, 256 pagina’s, David Venables. Haynes, H834.

ISBN 1859608345.

EAN 9781859908340.

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