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Jaguar E-Type ultimate portfolio.


Verzameling van autotesten uit de diverse Engelstalige autobladen, uitgevoerd in kleur en zwart-wit.

The E-Type, known as the XK-E in the US, made its spectacular debut in 1961.

It was sensual, sexy, curvaceous and in production until 1975.

Models reported on are the Series 1, 2 & 3 in roadster, coupe and 2+2 form and powered by

straight six 3.8 & 4.2 & V12 5.3 litre engines.

Included are road & comparison tests, model introductions, an owner survey,

plus advice on acquiring a good used E-Type.


Engels talig, softcover, 208 pages with 16 full colour.

ISBN 9781855208360.

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