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Italian Racing Red, drivers, cars and triumphs of Italian Motor Racing.

Ferrari is the quintessential bearer of Rosso Corsa, Italian Racing Red, in the 21st Century. Rightly so, because Ferrari Grand Prix cars have represented Italy in Formula 1 racing since the World Championship was established in 1950. But as Karl Ludvigsen explains in this stunning new book, there is much more to Rosso Corsa than Ferrari. In the sport’s early years the power to reckon with was Fiat, who also set the pace after World War I. Then a feisty newcomer, Alfa Romeo, carried the Italian flag alongside, the Maserati brothers into the 1930s. Two racing drivers, Felice Nazzaro and Vincenzo Lancia, created their own car marques, one of which stormed into prominence in the 1950s. Italian drivers were to the fore with Tazio Nuvolari, Achille Varzi, Nino Farina, Gigi Villoresi and father and son Antonio and Alberto Ascari. Great races such as the Targo Florio and Mille Miglia, and the iconic circuit Monza, hosted many titanic battles. From Ferrari to Maserati, the Italians have certainly held a prime position in world motor racing. These colourful contestants and many others come to life in the pages of this fabulous volume which are redolent with all the glamour and excitement of fast Italian cars and drivers!

English, hardcover, 2008, 176 pages, Karl Ludvigsen.

ISBN 9781711033313.

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