Formule Junior Historique vue du paddock – from the paddock



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Formule Junior Historique Vue du Paddock – From the Paddock

Formula Junior played an important role in the extraordinar development of motor racing during the 1960s. This formula created to train and reveal young drivers also allowed the budding of an incredible number of manufacturers. For those who have forgotten them, Jean-Claude Guedenet presents and comments the pictures of 82 models, produced by 62 different manufacturers during the 5 years of existence of the Formula.

Thanks to the organizers who manage this category in the historic races throughout Europe, the cars have been carefully preserved in their original condition and configuration.

As their value, as well as the cost of operating them, is not very high this has avoided the escalation and speculation that has hit almost all the historic race categories. In Junior there is neither bitza nor new reconstruction. If you forget the sometimes outsized roll hoops and the integrals helmets of the drivers, you can, here, see yourself more than half a century back with truly authentic cars.

Engels / Frans, softcover, 2017, 204 pagina’s, Jean-Claude Guedenet.

ISBN 9782360591077.

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