Formula Junior made in Italy (English Edition)


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Formula Junior made in Italy (English Edition).

Formula Junior was a unique and unprecedented phenomenon, which the motor racing world could in no way have predicted, as such many cars, drivers and races in a single category had never been seen before.

More than 1300 races were held on five continents between 1959 and 1963. More than a thousand cars entered these races. In addition, there were eleven races in 1958 that were organized by the Italian Formula Junior and more than a hundred in 1964/65 in Scandinavia, in the Americas and in Asia, after the official closure of Formula. Today, Formula Junior is one of the most popular categories in historic racing.

This book is dedicated to the Italian contribution to this phenomenon, within the broader spectrum of world competition, and focuses on an analysis and description of the unusually long gestation of Formula.

It intends to offer comprehensive information about the approximately60 different makes of Formula Junior racing cars produced in Italy and their technical and production characteristics.

Engels, hardcover, 2021, 255 pagina’s, Alessandro Silva.

ISBN 9788889108437.

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