Fiat 500 l’utilitaria della libertà, the freedom car


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Fiat 500 l’utilitaria della libertà, the freedom car.

Dit boek geeft u een duidelijk inzicht in de diverse verschillende fiat 500’s door de jaren heen, waarbij de details van elke type goed in beeld komen.

This book is, first of all, a useful guide for all those who want to get to know and restore the 500.
Often when we are dealing with restoration we rely on “hearsay”, or on information not supported by adequate material, which inevitably leads us to make mistakes.
Here we tried to enclose all the information to face a philologically and historically correct restoration. We speak of colors, combinations, suppliers and individual components.
All the information is based on irrefutable paper documents, spare parts catalogs, workshop manuals and Fiat’s finishing works, result of a meticulous and long research, made by pure passion of the 500. In addition to an entire chapter dedicated to restoration with some tips on buying the car and how to deal with it.

Engels / Italiaans, hardcover, 2018, 216 pagina’s, Matteo Comoglio, Enrico Bo.

ISBN 9788898344581.

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