Dentro La Scuderia – Inside The Scuderia


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Dentro La Scuderia – Inside The Scuderia.

Mezzo secolo di vita e lavoro per la Ferrari – Half a Century of Living and Working for Ferrari.

An exhaustive and original guided tour of one of the most popular and successful companies of the world: Ferrari. A tour about the present and the history of the Prancing Horse, from its first mechanical workshop in Trento Trieste street in Modena until the larger industrial plant, which has made Maranello famous all over the world. A tour guided by a man who worked in Ferrari for 52 years, living with a leading role the evolution of the factory from small local firm to an example of innovative industrial reality at a global level. Full of images of great historical value, this volume lets us think about the history of Ferrari as the story of a great company, getting to the heart of machining, equipment and manufacturing processes and the daily challenges arising from them. A legend which did not come out of the blue, but it’s made of Blood and brain, as Enzo Ferrari used to say, speaking about his inimitable red cars.

Engels / Italiaans, softcover, 2019, 289 pagina’s, Angelo Castelli. Artestampa Edizioni.

ISBN 9788864626888.

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