Grand Prix Ferrari



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Grand Prix Ferrari

The Years of Enzo Ferrari’s Power, 1948-1980.



• The only book on Ferrari’s motor sport history in print

• The racing history of motor sport’s most important marque

• Comprehensive racing histories of each type entered by the works

• Full racing race results for each model, together with chassis numbers

• Superbly illustrated with 300 colour and black and white photographs

• Ferrari has the longest unbroken Formula 1 competition history

• A marque worshipped with religious fervour by the ‘Tifosi’

• Ferrari attracts more supporters than all other teams combined

• From the leading authority on Ferrari’s racing activities



Grand Prix Ferrari is a brilliantly comprehensive, accurate account of the most important team in the history of motor racing. The highly readable and informative text is supported by 300 interesting, and often striking, photographs.



The history of racing Ferraris is extremely complex, with a succession of brilliant, interesting, and sophisticated competition cars that have vied for supremacy on the race tracks of the world for over 60 years. In this book, author Anthony Pritchard, a leading motor racing historian and a keen enthusiast of the marque, presents an enthralling narrative of Ferrari’s racing history. With detailed model development tables, racing specifications, chassis numbers, and comprehensive race results, this account of Ferrari’s formidable motor racing history is supported with 300 colour and black and white photographs.


Additional Information;

Covers the period 1948-80, and Ferrari Formula 1 single-seater racing cars. These were almost all works-entered cars and there were approximately 30 different types.


An important and unique work on the most important and unique motor racing marque.


Written by the leading authority on Ferrari’s motor racing history.


Highly detailed and comprehensive, this book is the perfect companion for all Tifosi and motor racing enthusiasts.


English, hardcover, 416 pages, 2014, Anthony Pritchard.

ISBN 9781845846237.

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