Alfa Romeo Production cars from 1910


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Alfa Romeo Production cars from 1910, Alfa Romeo Le vetture di produzione dal 1910.

Revised and updated to 2007, “Alfa Romeo: the Production Cars” was first published in 1996 in a limited print run, written by the authoritative experts on the Portello manufacturer, Stefano d’Amico (President of RIAR, Alfa Romeo Italian Register) and Maurizio Tabucchi (consultant at both RIAR and ASI, Italian Vintage Automobile Association).This fascinating story of Alfa Romeo’s cars is told model by model by a text that results from precise reconstruction of the facts, enriched with detailed technical specifications (chassis numbering included) and rare archive illustrative material. All of Alfa’s recent production can also be found in the book, starting with the 155, the last car in the previous edition, the following 156, 145, 146, 147, 166, 159, up to the last Brera, Spider and 8C Competizione. The book is approved and re-launched by Alfa Romeo and its “Automobilismo Storico” sector through the authors, who are authoritative members of the Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo (R.I.A.R.).

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Engels / Italiaans, 2 hardcover boeken met slipcase, 2007, 1152 pagina’s, Photos: over 2000 in b/w and colour, Maurizio Tabucchi , Stefano d’Amico. Giorgio Nada editore.

ISBN 9788879114080.

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