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Prospero GIANFERRARI Un uomo del Portello.

It is the life of a great figure of the industry, but the Alfa Romeo in particular, in a historical period and social intense and difficult.

A character capable, determined, pragmatic and, above all, able to combine an uncommon foresight with an even rarer vision international economy. It’s a new world, already understands, is destined to go towards globalization.

But, in the background, runs the story of the Portello, the heart and hearth of a Milan capable of shaping “the best Italian cars”, to make them run and triumph in the race as in the contests of elegance. In every part of the world. And, along with the factory, the company, the historical facts, products, people and businesses.

Documents extraordinary, new images and fragments of history resurfaced from archives hitherto impenetrable, they create a unique and valuable volume that RIAR wanted to achieve for its members and for any fan of great stories. There is talk of the Portello, a former smithy where blacksmiths brilliant – he explained with a little fear even Enzo Ferrari – “could do the gloves to the flies.”

English / Italian, hardcover, 320 pages, 2014 Edizione Riar, Stefano d’Amico – Lorenzo Ardizio.

ISBN 9788890818929.

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