Alfa Romeo Arna The True Story 1980-1987


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Alfa Romeo Arna The True Story 1980-1987.

This book is the first detailed account of the 1980s joint venture between Alfa Romeo and Nissan. Mired in political controversy from the get-go, the joint venture produced two identical cars based on the Nissan Cherry but built in Italy and equipped with Alfa Romeo running gear. The Alfa Romeo Arna and the Nissan Cherry Europe sold poorly and the venture, which ended in 1987, has been ridiculed ever since. Alfa Romeo historian sets the record straight on the Arna with this extensive research based on period documents, to separate the facts from the misconceptions once and for all.

Engels, paperback, 2020, 105 pagina’s, Matteo Licata.

ISBN 9781656632500.

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