Alfa Romeo 70 anni di immagini


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Alfa Romeo 70 anni di immagini.

“Alfa Romeo 70 Anni Di Immagini” is a publication that celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Italian brand through a selection of iconic images from its history. The book presents a collection of vintage and modern photographs that capture the essence of the Alfa Romeo brand, from its first sports cars to the latest creations of the 21st century.

The text is organized thematically, with sections dedicated to the different historical periods and the various models of Alfa Romeo cars. Each section is introduced by a brief description of the period or model, providing the reader with historical and technical context for the images that follow.

The book is full of quality images from that period, many of which have never been seen before, which allow you to appreciate the beauty and power of Alfa Romeo cars over the years. Furthermore, the text also contains numerous anecdotes and curiosities about the history of the brand and its models, which make reading not only interesting but also fun.

Gebruikt boek in goede en nette staat.

Italiaans, hardcover, 1980, 170 pagina’s, edizioni Alfa Romeo.

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