Alfa Romeo Monza The Autobiography of the Celebrated 2211130



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Alfa Romeo Monza The Autobiography of the Celebrated 2211130.

The remarkable history of an Alfa Romeo Monza. Great Cars 12.

Includes its characterful drivers and owners, some with life stories worthy of a movie script.

This Alfa Romeo Monza book is about a specific car ‘2211130’ that was built in 1933.  It was raced that year by the Hon Brian Lewis and won the arduous Mannin Moar race on the Isle of Man. The car continued to be raced until the war by John Cobb (1934), Luis Fontes (1935), Anthony Powys-Lybbe (1936–37) and Fay Taylour (1938), at venues as diverse as Vila Real (Portugal) and Phoenix Park (Ireland). Post-war, it passed through several significant collectors to arrive at its status today as one of the more important surviving Monza’s, and a car with so much charisma and historic interest that it is a most worthy addition to the acclaimed ‘Great Cars’ series.

Key content

  • The 1933 season with the Hon Brian Lewis, including wins on début at Brooklands and in its next race, the Mannin Moar, plus sixth place in the Nice Grand Prix.
  • Bought in 1934 by John Cobb (later to become notable for speed record-breaking on land and water) and raced both by him and Charlie Dodson, who finished second in the Mannin Moar.
  • Another new owner for 1935, Luis Fontes (something of a ‘wild man’ who also raced aeroplanes) took the car back to the Mannin Moar, where he finished third, and won the Limerick Grand Prix.
  • The period with Anthony Powys-Lybbe (a fascinating character who was extensively involved with Alfa Romeos) brought more good results, especially in Ireland, with second places in the Cork Grand Prix in 1936 and 1937.
  • More racing at Brooklands in 1938 with Fay Taylour (a champion speedway rider whose Fascist links led to her internment during the Second World War).
  • Post-war, a succession of notable owners included Peter Hampton, the Hon. Patrick Lindsay and Hubert Fabri, all passionate collectors and men of significance.
  • Nearly 300 period photographs, many previously unpublished, supported by a portfolio of commissioned special photography at Brooklands.

Gebruikt boek in zeer goede en nette staat.

Engels, hardcover, 2018, 320 pagina’s, Mick Walsh.

ISBN 9781907085444.

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