Abarth Gran Turismo “Da Corsa” 1949-1971


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Abarth Gran Turismo “Da Corsa” 1949-1971.

This book is distinguished from other publications thanks to a number of innovative features. It gives centre place to the images of the various models in question, specifically the Abarth racing GTs, privileging contemporary photographs, almost all of them previously unpublished. The period examined runs from 1949, the year of the official founding of Abarth & C, through to 1971, the conclusion of Abarth’s independent history with its acquisition by Fiat. The book examines only those cars that were raced and they are all documented within the context of specific events. The main aim of the text is to record, year by year, the most evident aesthetic and mechanical modifications made to the individual models. The documentation has all been drawn from rigorously contemporary books, magazines and official programmes and has been faithfully reproduced.

Italiaans, softcover, 2017, 216 pagina’s, Renato Donati.

ISBN 9788879116596.

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