365 Sports Cars You Must Drive, Fast, Faster, Fastest



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365 Sports Cars You Must Drive, Fast, Faster, Fastest.

365 Sports Cars You Must Drive puts you in the driver’s seat of a century’s worth of sports car legends (and a few rather less legendary), each presented with a fun and informative profile and fact-and-spec box. It’s the ultimate gearhead’s bucket list and poses the challenge: How many have you driven?

Whoever coined the phrase “getting there is half the fun” must have owned a sports car. And the wag who suggested that “it’s the journey not the destination”? Probably driving a Lotus or MG at the time. From towering icons like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Corvette to everyman sportsters from Triumph, MG, Sunbeam, and Miata to oddballs like Crosley, Sabra, and DB, sports cars inspire passion and strong opinions as few other vehicles on the road can.

In one beautiful book, long-time Road & Truck​ magazine chief photographer John Lamm, along with other top motoring contributors, gives the reader illustrated profiles of every sports car you’ve ever dreamed of driving!

Now, imagine if you could drive a different sports car–any sports car–every single day for a year. Which would you choose?

Engels, softcover, 2020, 320 pagina’s, John Lamm, Larry Edsall, Steve Sutcliffe.

ISBN 9780760369777.

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